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Hitachi Terminal Solutions Korea Co., Ltd.

The personal information

Pursuant to the [Act on the Protection of Personal Information], Hitachi Terminal Solutions Korea(hereinafter referred to as the ("Company") is in compliance with the personal information protection regulations of collecting and saving personal information as follows.

If company changes the privacy policy, company will inform it through notices(or on individual notices).

Information collected automatically, Stocks of personal information.

We collect various types of information in connection with the Services, including:

  • Users domain name and direction(& address)of this web site
  • Users browser type and OS
  • Date and time of visit

Please note that above information is used and also it may submitted for legislation purpose.

Information you provide directly to us;
Information we collect about your use of our Services; and Information we obtain from third-party sources.
We may also seek your consent to collect information not described in the Privacy Policy.
In addition, if the wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, we will immediately notify them so that a proper correction can be made.

Information collected from E-mail, Web etc.

User information can be shared within the company if needed. The company will make effort for security and accident, however, please be careful with any important information.

Security measures operated by the website For security or ongoing service of the website, the Company has carried out the encryption from your PC via SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)

Links and Products on Our Services

Our Services may link to third-party websites and services that are outside our control. We are not responsible for the security or privacy of any information collected by websites or other services. You should exercise caution, and review the privacy statements applicable to the third-party websites and services you use.

Acquiring other people's personal information from website

We shall not obtain any personal information that can identify you, such as your email address on the website. A person who fraudulently access or to provide personal information may be punished by the relevant laws and regulations.

Period for Owning and Using Personal Information

After user information has achieved the purpose for which it was collected, the relevant information will be destroyed without delay. However, the following information will be maintained for the specified period of time for the following information

Contact Us
  • Purpose of storage : For all other inquires we collect personal information
  • Basis On : Consumer Protection Law
  • How to Collect : From website Contact Us
  • Items to be stored : Name, Email, Contact No., Company
  • Storage period : 3 years

Disposal of Personal Information

Upon fulfilling the purposes of collecting and using personal information, our company should immediately dispose the information, unless in accordance with the other laws that needs to be preserved.

Disposal Method

  • The personal information printed in paper will be destroyed by either shredded or burned.
  • The personal information stored in CD-ROM, DVD-ROM needs to be destroyed physically and for hard disk, DB etc, will be deleted using the technical methods that prevents the retrieval of records from replaying

Use of Third Party for Handling of Personal Information

In principle, the Company does not use a third party to handle any of our users’ personal information. However, If the disclosure is required by law or requested by a law enforcement agency for investigative purposes in accordance with legal or criminal activities are exceptions.

Personal information file open, change and deleting issue

Users are allowed to search or request for change of their information at any time. For change of information, please contact Personal Information Managers.

Contact Information of Personal Information Managers

To protect the personal information of users and handle any complaints regarding personal information, the Company has appointed managers as follows. The Company will promptly provide satisfactory answers to users’ complaints.

  • Personal information manager : Shiomi Eisuke (+82-31-211-8761)

The report of the matters of privacy.

Users can file complaints related to privacy and security issues that may arise from their use of the Company’s services to the Chief Privacy Officer or the responsible department. The Company will promptly provide satisfactory answers to users’ complaints. If you need to report any privacy infringement or need additional counseling, please contact the following:

  • Personal information manager : Shiomi Eisuke (+82-31-211-8761)

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