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Hitachi Terminal Solutions Korea Co., Ltd.


  • MS-4200 is a desk top sorter with High throughput & High accuracy.


MS-4200 is a fast reliable, precise, and multi-functional sorter that provides a broad selection of options. It is an ideal choice for back office in banks and cash-in-transit(CIT), as well as casinos and retails.

High throughput & High accuracy

  1. It is optimized for higher throughput, enhanced efficiency, and easy operation
  2. Easy guidance for any operators
  3. Showing Jam point in the screen
  4. Automatic assisted feeding mechanism
  5. Descending type stacker pocket
  6. Extension 4 pockets (Optional)
  7. Automated banding function (Optional)


Currency No limit currency
MIX : up to 30 currency
Operation Speed Max 1,200 banknotes / min
MAX : 72,000 banknotes / hour
Pocket Capacity Hopper : 1,200 notes
Stacker : 500 notes with 4 stacker
Reject : 250 notes with 2 reject
(1 reject pocket is changeable as stacker)
Sensor information Dual Image Sensor with Full line UV,
Infrared, Magnetic,
Thickness Sensor (Mechanic)
Banknote size 60-85mm(V) x 100~177mm(H)
Dimension 860(W) x 425(D) x 680(H) mm
Weight 86Kgs, 120Kgs (Gross)

Specification of optional module

Extension 4 pocket
Capacity : 250 notes with 4 stacker
Dimension : 415(W) x 425(D) x 560(H) mm
Weight : 45Kgs, 72Kgs (Gross)
MS-4200+EX4 : 8 stacker + 2 reject

                                            MS-4200 + EX4
Banding unit
QR code print : Available
Banding position : Adjustable
Expandability : up to 2 banding units
Dimension : 885(W) x 425(D) x 560(H) mm
Weight : 137Kgs, 170Kgs (Gross)

                                           MS-4200 + EX2B