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Hitachi Terminal Solutions Korea Co., Ltd.

Teller Environment Enhancer (TELLEE) Teller Environment Enhancer (TELLEE)


TELLEE enhances teller environment by sterilizing bacteria and viruses and eliminate of VOCs & Odor in the air with innovative plasma technologies.


Plasma Technologies

  • TELLEE is using principal of plasma ion technology.
  • We put focus on preventing viruses from spreading and protecting teller's health.
Teller Environment Enhancer (TELLEE)


Items Specification Teller Environment Enhancer (TELLEE)
Coverage Max. 12.274 m²
Plasma generation (+) Ion > 18 million/cc(Max.)
(-) Ion > 18 million/cc(Max.)
Sensor Gas sensor(Total VOC)
Filter Replaceable HEPA Filter+Carbon
Efficiency : H13
Input Voltage AC 100-240V
Power Consumption Max. 20W
Noise 24.0dB(Min), 54.2dB(Max)
(W x D x H)
400 x 400 x 60 (mm)
Weight 4.8Kg(Net)
2.1Kg(Plate) 8Kg(Gross)

Test Result

TELLEE is proven to significantly reduce Bacteria/VOCs and make the environment safe.

Pollutants Performance Test laboratory
Airborne Bacteria 0 CFU/㎥ Internal test
Escherichia coli(Bacteria) 99.9% elimination Korea Conformity Laboratories
Pseudomonas aeruginosa(Bacteria) 99.9% elimination
Volatile Organic Compounds
(Sulfur dioxide, Benzene, Toluene)
99.5% elimination
(WHO atmospheric standard : 0.06ppm)
Safety(0.01 ppm)

Plasma Ion Generator Test Result

Pollutants Performance Test laboratory
Human coronavirus 99.9% elimination Microbac Laboratories, Inc (USA)
ZIKA Virus 99.9% elimination Microbac Laboratories, Inc (USA)
Cedar pollen 92.7% elimination Far Infrared Applied Association (Japan)
Influenza A virus (H1N1) 99.2% elimination Kitasato University (Japan)

* We have the test result for 21 pollutants.

Application Cases

  • The TELLEE can be used in parallel to create a later enhanced environment for users.
  • Banknote Counter, Monitor, POS, etc. in any office.
Teller Environment Enhancer (TELLEE)