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Hitachi Terminal Solutions Korea Co., Ltd.

BDM5-70N Series


Intelligent cash deposit machine, BDM5-70N Series is available to deposit a number of banknotes and to minimize installation area with its compact size.


  1. High security with a dial lock and dual door
  2. Available to add an optional coin deposit/withdrawal machine
  3. High resolution dual CIS
  4. Advanced counterfeit detection
  5. User friendly system

BDM5-70N Series is an ideal choice for :

  1. Large markets, Department stores, Gas/patrol station, etc.


[Product Features]
- Speedy operation (1200notes/min)
- Large cassette capacity (7,000 notes)
- Remote Management System (RMS program)
- Full Color LCD 10.1”, touch screen
- User customizing option
  (Coin deposit, Barcode reader, Card reader, Spare Cassette, Encrypting PIN Pad etc.)
Parts Items Specification Remark
Control Mainboard Industrial main board VIA 7009 Dual 1.5 GHZ
HDD SATA, 500 GB  
O/S Windows7  
Operation Screen TFT CLD(Capacitive Touch Screen)  
LCD Resolution 10.1” (16:9) 1024 x 600  
Card reader Card Reader Motor driven card reader with Anti Skimming HOTS V20F
Receipt Printer Thermal printer Epson Thermal Printer
Sub module Camera Top of LCD with Pin hole camera USB Type  
Flicker Lamp Escrow, Card Reader  
Barcode Reader 1 Dimension Barcode reader Honey well N4300
Voice Speaker, English  
System Safety Japan Level3 standard  
Safety door lock Separated key, dial Lock  
Safety shutter Lock Safety shutter auto locking  
Currency Counter ST-150N  
Deposit the height 1,134mm  
Deposit limits(1 time) 200 notes  
Reject Reject notes  
Escrow Cancel  
Manual deposit Manual deposit to Escrow (envelope deposit) Envelop size: 170(W) * 10(D) * 90(H)
Mold Cassette Capacity 7,000 notes Cassette size: 231(W) * 350(D) * 576(H)
Configuration Dimension (WxDxH) 470mm(W) * 562(D) * 1,438(H) (mm) Excluding Adjust
Net weight(Kg) 156.2Kg Including Cassette
Battery Battery Back up: 2 units(24V, 2A)  
Temperatures(operating) 10℃ ~ 35℃  
Temperatures(standby) 5℃ ~ 40℃  
Humidity(operating) 20% ~ 80%  
Humidity(standby) 8% ~ 80%  
Repair type Front Repair  
Anchor support Anchor Hole (2 holes)